Michaela is a local photographer who specializes in newborn photography, and she hired me to redesign her logo for her. I was really excited to work with another photographer and I loved the ideas she had. It doesn’t matter if a logo client has no idea what they are looking for in a logo; I’ll brainstorm some ideas based on how they answer the questions I ask them, but if they do know which direction they want to go in, it does help to expedite the process.

Michaela showed me some examples of fonts, colours and styles of logos that she liked. She wanted me to base her logo on a photograph she had taken. The project required fine art skills and design skills and I loved it. I hand-painted the baby with watercolours, then scanned the logo in, converted it to a vector and cleaned it up, and added the text.

Here is the finished product:


Michaela Marie Photography-final

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