Fine Art


I received my BA in Fine Art from the University of Rhode Island in 2008. I am passionate about painting and drawing, and love learning about new mediums.

I am currently accepting orders for commissioned pet portraits. I take great pride in my work and always take the time to ensure the portrait resembles the animal as closely as possible, right down to the twinkle in the eye. I work from 5-10 photographs of the animal to ensure every little important detail is there on the paper.

These are perfect to give as gifts to celebrate the life of a pet, past or present. You have the choice between several mediums for your portrait, along with the choice of several sizes. If you are looking for a size or medium that is not listed, send me an email.

I use the finest paper and art materials available, and package the finished piece carefully when it is time to ship it out. All packages are shipped Priority with tracking and insurance.

If you have any questions, send me an email. If you’re ready to order, visit my Etsy page. You’ll need to send me 5-10 reference images of the pet, which you can do via Etsy or by emailing them directly to me. Please indicate which image is your favourite.


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